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Tree Canopy Tour in Rio

Rio Adventures offers a Tree Canopy Tour in Rio, right inside the Tijuca Forest. The circuit of suspended steel cables is considered an  adventure high rope course , with 360º views of hillside, forest, beaches and fine residences. It has 30 + obstacles, and features over 1 kilometer of cables, with 3 zip lines, a variety of swings (log, pendulum, Tarzan, tunnels), all divided in 2 levels of difficulty. The obstacles vary from 15ft (5m) to 100ft (35m) in length and are suspended at heights ranging from 30ft (10m) to 90ft (30m). Some upper-arm strength combine with good balance are the keys to complete the whole course without using your extra  batteries. Unlike many tree canopy courses, we provide a combination of fun and challenge as you go through all of its obstacles. When doing the zip-slides for example, you are hanging on a bar, rather than sitting comfortably in a harness.

Tree Canopy Tour in Rio – Program

tree canopy tour in rio , zip lines in rio de janeiro, brazil

A tourist checking her skills over the trees.

Only premium quality, safety tested equipment is utilized, so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest. After the initial introduction to the safety equipment, visitors are fitted with the highest quality harnesses by professional guides. Soon after, riders will begin their adventure over the forest, after a 5 minutes hike through the jungle. Travelers start with the yellow course first, like a warm up, classified as an easy to moderate level course. After finishing the yellow, participants are welcome to try the red one, with tougher obstacles and elements. Both courses together can take as long as 2 hours, according to everyone`s speed and group size. It is a fantastic canopy course, designed for testing your strength, agility, courage, balance, endurance, and fear of heights. It is intellectually exciting and physically challenging, done in a beautiful environment. And since it is in the jungle, you may encounter wild animals at the tree tops, like monkeys and toucans for example. Come zip lining in Rio !


3 to 4 hours round trip, with 1 to 2 hours spent over the trees


Equipment rentals and guiding services. Transportation may be hired separately.


Easy to Moderate. Not recommended to people who are afraid of  heights and with heart problems.


Daily, under request between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. Schedules available on the booking form


Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes. Wear mosquito repellent on hot days. Small cameras are welcome

How to Book :

Please click on the BOOK NOW  button at the top right of this page, and pay the required deposit (R$ 80,00) Choose an available date. We usually need at least 24 hs in advance, in order to provide this tour. In case the chosen date does not appear on our booking calendar, please send us an e-mail requesting availability. Remainder is always paid in cash to the guide, at the start of the tour. For full payment requests , we use Paypal with a 7% surcharge.

Group Discount:

According to our Terms and Conditions, family groups or friends , doing the same tour together are eligible for discounts. Amount varies according to group size. These discounts are also valid for different groups doing the same tour.

Discount Rate ( per person):

Group from 03   to 04 people - R$ 10,00  discount

Group from 05 to 12 people - R$ 20,00 discount

Group from 13  to 24 people - R$ 30,oo  discount

Group from 25  to 50 people - R$ 40,oo  discount


Meeting point for departures:

Once your payment is confirmed for this activity you should meet us in this address at the day and time specified:
Estrada do Joá, 3000 - Joatinga - Rio de Janeiro

Don't know how to get there? No problem. Trace your route using the fields and the map below:

Enter the address where you are leaving from:
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Example: Rua Barata Ribeiro, 123 - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro

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Note: this is for reference only. This may be an approximated position for this address.

Note: this is for reference only. This may be an approximated position for this address.


The Terms and Conditions displayed below are a very important part of the booking procedure. Here you will find everything you need to know about our tour policies.


Prices for tours in Rio are valid for tours, starting january 1st 2014 until December 31st 2014. Rates are quoted in BRAZILIAN REAL inclusive of taxes and are correct at time of publication. Prices may be subject to change at the discretion of Rio Adventures.


Customers can book their tours straight through our Booking Forms, which can be found in every tour page of our website. After choosing the tour, just click on the BOOK NOW button, displayed on the upper right side of each tour page. Customers will need to fill out the form and then pay  the required deposit. The booking forms may vary a little from tour to tour, but all of them will have the basic information request, such as: CUSTOMER’S NAME, TOUR, TOUR DATE, PICK UP ADDRESS, NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS and DEPARTING TIME. According to the tour, details like weight, height and a few other things will have to be provided, specially for sports such as: HANG GLIDING, PARAGLIDING, PARACHUTING and SCUBA DIVING. After the payment is made, customers can print their tickets or simply take them on their cellphones and show them to the guide in charge of the tour.

Please note that some tours may not be automatically available for booking, so customers will need to send us a request  for availability via contact page, located on the top of our home page, next to our phone number. We always charge a deposit , and the remainder is paid in cash at the start of the tour.  To request availability for a tour, simply fill out the contact form with your name and e-mail address. On the comment box, give us basic information like the intended tour, the date and the number of participants. After you receive our confirmation, just go to the tour page and fill out the booking form. You will be asked to read and agree with our  terms and conditions before you check out and pay the deposit. Do not miss any required information, otherwise the booking form will not go through. After the payment is registered, booking procedure is complete and customer will receive a payment receipt via e-mail.

Most tours require at least 02 people in order to take place, but you have the option of purchasing a single ticket. If that happens, please contact us no later than 24 hours before the tour date, to check if other seats have been taken. In case no one else joins your tour, we can issue a full refund, OR, if customers consider doing a private tour, he or she may purchase a second ticket and do the tour alone with our guide. In case no contact is made, we can try to contact customers to let them know the tour is cancelled.

In case the customer  switches hotels or changes the original pick up address in Rio, he or she must send us an e-mail with the new address through our contact page, or contact us by phone. In case of tour date changes, see the tour date changes policy below.


Seat availability is guaranteed upon payment of deposit though the website.

Accepted Payment Methods:  Rio Adventures accepts major credit cards via Paypal, and electronic bank transfer ( if made between brazilian banks only). If you wish to make an electronic bank transfer, please request our bank account info via e-mail. When customers check out from our booking software, they are taken to a Paypal environment, outside our website.

Customers may choose to pay in full . For that, we also use Paypal or bank transfer. For full payments via Paypal there is a 7% surcharge.

Payments though Paypal have to be made with the use of a credit , debit card ( for brazilian customers) or e-checks. In case of payments with e-checks, please note that this type of payment takes at least 5 days to clear, so if your tour is scheduled for the next 4 days, customers will have to use a credit card instead .

Balance is always paid in cash at the start of the tour. Groups with over 12 people ( same group) will be kindly asked to bring all the balance in an envelope, to avoid confusion and delays during the departure.


Rio Adventures claims no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, injury, sickness or schedule change due to weather, strike or any other cause beyond Rio Adventures’s control. We will make every effort to safeguard our customers and their personal property , but cannot be held responsible for personal events beyond the tour operators control, or to damage sustained by tourists including those occurring outside the touring program.Rio Adventures acts in good faith, and cannot be held responsible for any agent, hotel, coach operator, tour guide or any other person’s or company’s acts, defaults or delays. We therefore advise all customers to have comprehensive travel insurance to meet all contingencies.

Rio Adventures reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or departure times, without prior notice, should the necessity arise.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and in order to do so we maintain strict quality monitoring. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your tour package, we want to hear about it. We recommend you contact us as soon as any incident arises. If you are unable to do so at the time, you must advise Rio Adventures via e-mail within 30 days of your return. If you fail to do so, this may jeopardise your right to compensation.

All information in the website is subject to change. Rio Adventures reserves the right to alter/change/correct mistakes that may possibly appear in the website or published price lists.

Rio Adventures also assumes no responsibility for any act of negligence or omission whatsoever, by any company whose services are used as part of packages provided.


Cancellation made  by Rio Adventures 

Rio de Janeiro has a very heavy and unpredictable traffic condition as well as sudden weather changes and because of that, Rio Adventures reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of any of its sightseeing tours and arrange alternative routes to those advertised if necessary. The main tourist spots of the sightseeing tours will be preserved, but the route we use to access these spots may be changed according to our needs. All the sightseeing tours   will happen with rain or in cloudy days, unless it is a bad storm with high speed winds, that can offer risks to our groups and staff.

If a decision needs to be made, in terms of changing the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances, like forest fires, floods, breakdowns, traffic jams, heavy rain, thunder storms or anything else that cannot be foreseen at this time, it will all be left to the discretion of the tour guide in charge.

If a sightseeing tour or an adventure tour needs to be cancelled right in the middle of it, due to sudden weather changes that can put  our customers at risk, we will then take customers back to their address in Rio. If customers can reschedule the tour, a 10% fee  will be charged, to cover our expenses in that particular day that the tour is being canceled. In case customers cannot reschedule the tour, we reserve the right to retain the deposit already paid.

If the tour needs to be cancelled by Rio Adventures right before it starts, for any possible reason, a full refund will be given to customers through Paypal, credit card , bank transfer or in cash (if deposit was made in cash). The group may also choose another alternative date for the tour. In this case, the deposit previously paid will be held, and the remaining balance will be paid in cash on the date the tour is rescheduled for.

Cancellation made by customers

 Sightseeing Tours and most of the sports and outdoor activities in Rio , operate rain or shine , or even on cloudy conditions . Customers cannot cancel a tour based on their own assumption that the weather represents a risk, or simply because they wish to do a tour on a sunny day, and still expect a refund . Also, for sightseeing tours, we cannot guarantee visibility, especially in places like Corcovado and Sugar Loaf. If customers cancel the trip right before it starts or less than a week prior tot the tour date, we reserve the right to retain the deposit paid previously. In a event of illness or any other type of problem or emergency that may prevent the customer from participating in the tour, the same rules will be applied and no refund will be given, if the attempt of cancelling the trip happens one week or less prior to the tour date.

In case its a private sightseeing tour and the weather does not provide enough visibility to see the view from places like Sugar Loaf and Corcovado, we can open an exception and reschedule the tour, as long as customers pay a fee of 10% to do it another day. This procedure can only be made in private tours with small groups, as our costs with guides and vehicles are smaller.

When it comes to hang gliding and paragliding, sudden changes on the wind condition may happen. In case the wind conditions become poor when the customer is already at the ramp, the pilot has to wait for 60 minutes, until the wind improves. If the customer decides to cancel the attempt of flying before 60 minutes, we have the right to charge for the flight. After 60 minutes the pilot can abort the flight and customer will not be obligated to pay for the flight. A refund will be issued via Paypal for the deposit paid previously. If a customer hires transportation, the service has to be paid for, even if flights do not happen.

In case the customer decides to cancel the flight right at the ramp , before the jump, he or she will still have to pay the full amount. In case the customer cancels the flight before going up to the ramp with the pilot, he or she will loose the deposit and will not be eligible for a refund.

The same thing happens with the Ramp Usage Fee. In case the flight is cancelled due to sudden wind changes, the ramp usage fee charged by the Hang Gliding club, will not be refunded. Rio Adventures has no control over that fee, as well as the policy used by the Hang Gliding club, when it comes to refunds. Customers can reschedule the flights and use the pass another day, but the club will not issue a refund for that fee. The insurance is included in the ramp usage fee, so once the customer is registered with the club, the information goes straight to the insurance company, so even if flights do not happen, the Insurance still has to be paid by the club.

In case the hang gliding ramp is very busy, delays can happen. In special seasons like Carnival, World Cup, Olympics  and any other big event the city maybe hosting, the situation over the ramp can be chaotic . We have cases when customers have waited for more than 6 hours and still were not able to fly in the end. If the customer decides not to wait anymore , he or she will have their deposit refunded.

These cases of long waiting are rare but can happen and there is nothing we can do, as people from all over the city sometimes arrive at the same time, which can make the place extremely crowded.

Rio Adventures cannot be held responsible if such event happens. The departure time displayed on the ticket does not guarantee that the flight will take place.



Rio Adventures offers full and partial refunds according to the date the customer requests it (please check the REFUND POLICY below).The date the customer requests the refund is more important than the reason, and it will influence the amount of money we can give back. Basically, the closer to the tour date the customer cancels the tour, the less he or she will receive from Rio Adventures.

No refunds or discounts will be given in the event of any delay, either during pick up or drop off , (as well as meeting time at specific locations for tours where transportation is not included), caused by traffic jams or mechanical failure, as long as it is not  over 60 minutes. For example, if we have a pick up at 8 am, customers can only cancel the trip and request a refund if the vehicle arrives after 9 am. If customers decide to cancel the trip due to a pick up or drop off delay, they will not be eligible for refunds, unless an hour or more has passed.

Exceptions: Hang gliding and Paragliding. If customers cancel the flights on the tour date or do not show up for the flights at the meeting point, we have the right to collect 50% of the flight price, in cash, minus the deposit previously paid. The reason is that the usual deposit we charge, do not cover our expenses with the pilots, in case of no show, as we still have to pay them half of their normal wages, even if they do not fly. To avoid paying  50% the flight price, customers need to cancel the flights until 24 hours before schedule. In this case they will only loose the original deposit they have paid previously.

No refunds will be given in case of sudden wind changes that may prevent the flights from happening, when it comes to transportation costs and ramp usage fees. These services are separated from ours. The only thing we refund is the deposit paid for the flights.

Notice of cancellation – Valid for Groups or Individual Customers

  •  More than four weeks prior to tour date: full refund
  • Less than four weeks prior to tour date: 75% refund
  • Less than three weeks prior to tour date: 50% refund
  •  Less than two weeks prior to tour date: 25% refund
  •  Less than one week  prior to arrival: no refund

* Refunds are paid within 15 days after the request is made.

* Refunds are related to the amount paid as deposit and not with the full price of the tour


In case the customer needs to change the pick up address or increase the number of participants, he or she must be make the request by e-mail. There is no fee charged for these requests.

Discounts are given based on a group size, so in case the number of customers is reduced for whatever reason, remainder may be subjected to a raise, according to the price related to the new group size, displayed in our website

All requests for date changes to a booking must be made by e-mail  from the person who submitted the booking originally.

A fee of 20% the tour price will be charged for date changes requested within four weeks prior to tour date.

However, the administration fee will be waived if changes are requested in more than four weeks  prior to tour date.


Minimum ages change , according to the sightseeing tour or adventure tour you choose. Check below.

Minimum ages required for tours: 

Hang gliding in Rio, paragliding in Rio, parachuting in Rio: 18 years or older

Paintball in Rio, Mountaineering in Rio, Climbing in Rio, Go kart in Rio, Kayaking in Rio: 14 years or older

Hiking in Rio, Rafting in Rio, Ducking in Rio ,and SUP (Stand Up Paddling in Rio): 12 years or older

Surfing in Rio and Tree Canopy Tour in Rio: 8 years or older

Sightseeing tours in Rio: No age restriction

Children under 18 years of age are not permitted to travel unless accompanied by an adult.


Children Discount 

Children between 7-11 years get a 50% discount on sightseeing tours only. Children up to 6 years of age, do not pay for sightseeing tours, as long as they do not occupy seats, and sit on parents lap. There are no discounts for adventure tours, except for hiking trips.

Children 12 years or older pay full adult fare in any activity that they may be eligible to participate.

We reserve the right to have at least two adults paying the full price , in order to issue discounts and free passes for children

Tickets to attractions are not included. Discount policy regarding children may vary from one tour spot to another. We have no responsibility over the amount of discount given to children by the administration of places such as Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, as well as museums and any other odd tour spot.

Combo Discount 

Any minimum group of 3 people or more, who request a combo tour, a combo adventure in Rio or a customized combo tour in Rio will get at least a 10% discount on regular tour price. A combo  is a mixing of one sightseeing tour and one adventure tour or 2 adventure tours or 2 sightseeing tours or sometimes 3 activities combined.

 In case of  sudden weather changes, that may prevent any of the 2 activities from happening, the group will have the option of rescheduling the pending activity, but in this case, a maximum  discount of 10%  will be applied to the activity provided at that time. The pending activity that will be rescheduled, will go back to its regular price. The group has the right not to reschedule the second activity, not provided at that time.

Example: Customer paid R$ 250,00 for the combo of Tijuca Forest and Pedra Bonita hiking tour. The first costs 140,00 and the second activity R$ 160,00 per person, at a regular rate. In case customers do the forest tour only, the 17% discount applied on both activities will no longer work. So a 10% discount for the R$ 140,00 tour will bring the price down to R$ 126,00 per person. If customers had already paid R$ 100,00 each , as deposit, the remainder will be R$ 26,00 each. That formula is valid for all combo tours.

Group Discount

Discounts can be applied to a group of 03 or more people. According to the group size, discounts can be higher or lower. Unlike other adventure tour operators in Rio, during high season or special events in Rio ( except for hang gliding and paragliding), we normally do not increase our prices, therefore, we may not offer discounts to groups.

Examples of  Group Discounts:

Any group of friends or family, travelling together, with at least 3 people, who request a sightseeing tour or an adventure tour, can also get a discount, except for Helicopter tour , Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Parachuting. For these last 4 activities we may be able to offer free transportation from and to hotel.

Discount rates can vary from 5% to 15% off, according to the tour, number of people and season.


Our adventure tours in Rio are active and most require a reasonable level of fitness. NOTE: Tours graded Moderate and Difficult are only suitable for very fit and active people who enjoy outdoor sports. They are not suitable for children. If you have any doubts about your capability of participating on a tour, please contact us by e-mail or phone and we will be happy to assist you. People with history of heart or lung diseases shall not participate in any adventure tour.


Rio Adventures may refuse to carry a person whose behavior is detrimental to the enjoyment of the group. By travelling with Rio Adventures, you agree to accept the authority of the guides and accept their decisions. Our staff are entitled to a safe working environment and our passengers to a great holiday. Any threats to safety, being physical or verbal, or inappropriate behavior may result in removal from the tour. If a guide requires a passenger to leave the vehicle, no refunds will be given and that passenger will be responsible for his/her own travel costs and arrangements from that point.


Most of our tours and adventure sports require a minimum number of 2 passengers to operate at a regular rate. Solo travelers can join an upcoming tour. Just check our upcoming activities page for future tours.


In your trip to Rio, please note that we operate tours 7 days a week, under request, year round, except on December 31st and January 1st . Some tours operated outside Rio may not work in certain holidays like Carnival, due to long traffic jams.



Our prices do not include extra costs like the Ramp Usage Fee for Paragliding and Hang gliding , nor the tickets to attractions such as Sugar Loaf and Corcovado, unless there is an agreement on that between us and the group.



Some sports we provide require confirmation , since they depend on weather  and wind conditions. If you book hang gliding, paragliding , you need to call the office usually from 7:30 am to 8:30 am to check the conditions first. If wind is poor for example, we can either reschedule the passenger or issue a refund via paypal, in case the passenger is not available some other time. Travelers cannot show up at the hang gliding and paragliding club without checking the wind report with us first. In case they do show up there, they will have to wait for our staff to arrive.

About hang gliding and paragliding

When customers book hang gliding  in rio and paragliding in rio, the departure time on the ticket means the time they must arrive at the hang gliding and paragliding location. It does not mean that customers will fly right away. If the ramp is busy and crowded, it can delay the flights. In normal days, customers will wait from 30 minutes to 60 minutes before they are able to go up to the ramp and fly. In busy days, waiting can be longer, maybe 90 minutes to 2 hours. On very busy days like carnival season and world cup for example, the waiting can be as long as 4 hours. Once up there at the ramp, customers can fly right after the equipment and aircraft are mounted and ready, as long as wind does not change its conditions and as long as ramp is not crowded. If the conditions change before take off and the ramp is closed, customers must wait at least for 60 minutes on the line, before they can decide to cancel the flight and be eligible for a refund.

When we have groups of 2 or more people to fly, we reserve the right to use 1 pilot for every 2 , 3 or even 4 passengers, according to the group size. Couples  sometimes wish to fly together, one after the other with 2 different pilots. This situation can only happen IF we have pilots available for that. At the time of booking, customers need to understand that they may fly with 2 different pilots OR they may fly with the same pilot. In case they fly with the same pilot, one will have to wait for the pilot to return to the ramp. This process takes around 45 minutes. Same thing goes for larger groups of 6, 8 or 10 passengers.

About Helicopter Tours

During special seasons, when the airport traffic is very busy, the administration creates a lot of restrictions . We cannot wait for customers for more than 10 minutes after the schedule, otherwise we pay a R$ 10.000 fine to the airport administration. In this case, the aircraft has to take off empty in order to avoid that fine. Customers will not be eligible for refunds in case they miss the flight.

Outside these special seasons, we have a  tolerance of 15 minutes after the schedule.



Each tour has a maximum passenger capacity. Please check that at the time of booking. Some activities are considered collective activities, when there is a guide or an instructor taking care of a group of people. Examples: a group of hikers with one guide, a a group of people in a rafting boat with one guide, or a group of people on a tree canopy course with one instructor. Some activities are called solo activities because it can only hold one person per guide, instructor or pilot. Examples: one person climbing with the Sugar Loaf with one instructor.

Also, when it comes to hang gliding, our package ALWAYS include the flight, pictures ( delivered on a CD),  a dvd video ( delivered on a DVD ) and equipment rentals. Photos and videos are normally made with a GO PRO camera.

Rio Adventures only  includes one video in the package. The passenger may choose a front video or a side video. In case the passenger wishes to purchase a second optional video, he or she must pay the pilot in cash, for that optional video. Price for the second video is R$ 50,00

* We cannot wait for more than 10 minutes after the schedule, otherwise we pay a R$ 10.000 fine to the airport administration, and in this case, the air craft has to take off empty in order to avoid that fine. Check the terms and conditions about cancellations.

* Take your passport with you . This is an airport and the federal police can prevent tourists from getting inside without it. No copies will be accepted by the police and the flight will not happen. Money paid for the flight will not be refunded in this case.

Read carefully before applying for the request

Due to the large volume of e-mail requests received at Rio Adventures, responses can take  from 15 minutes to 2 hours. For a more immediate response, in case you wish to book a tour for tomorrow, or even today, please call us at 2705 5747 or 7744 3674 or 98290 1980. We answer calls from Monday thru Sunday, between 8:00 am  and 6:00 pm. If you are calling from overseas, please dial 55 (country code) + 21 (area code) and then any of the numbers displayed above. After 6:00 PM, we do not answer phone calls anymore, but may be able to respond to some requests until 8:00 PM through  e-mail If you wish to book a tour for tomorrow  , there are a few tours that do not require you to check availability first, as we have regular departures 7 days a week. They are: Hang Gliding and Paragliding . So if you want to book any of these activities, just go ahead and fill out the booking form. But in case you wish to fly today, please send us an e-mail or call the office for availability For other sports and sightseeing tours, you can go straight to the booking form and fill it out as long as your request is for at least 48 hours from now. For adventure side trips, you may fill out the booking form on the right, as long as your request is for at least 72 hours from now. If the dates you are planning your trip for, do not meet those requirements, instead of filling out the booking form, just go to the contact page and fill out the request availability form, to check if we can help you with your short notice request. Filling out the request availability  form first, will prevent you from  reading and accepting our  terms and conditions page  without knowing whether or not we can help you with your request. You can only send the booking form after reading and agreeing  with the terms. If you are unsure about the tour you wish to book, as well as how the booking procedure works, please check our HOW TO BOOK A TOUR page first.

I have read and accept Terms and conditions