Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Hang Gliding And Paragliding

Every sport is safe as long as you follow all the safety procedures and deal will reputable companies. We have very experienced pilots and never had any accidents in 14 years of existence. We  use top quality equipment only. When you shop around for prices, (when it comes to adventure or extreme sports), try not to go for the cheapest services. Always look for the best companies and the best services. Don`t put your life at risk just to save some cash. Your life is the most important thing for us, so please be wise when  choosing  a company for this kind of activity.
For hang gliding, maximum weight is 90 kilos or 200 lbs. For paragliding, maximum weight is 240lbs or 110 kilos. We may have to lower those limits in case of poor wind conditions.  
You must be 18 or older in order to fly. If you are between 16 and 17 you can fly as long as your parents are there to sign the waiver for you.  
You need a valid driver`s license or a passport. No copies will be accepted
Wear comfortable shoes (no flip flops) and comfortable clothes. Avoid jeans pants or anything that may prevent your legs from moving properly. Wear a t-shirt on warmer days and a sweater on colder days. Don`t forget to wear sun block on sunny days.
No you don`t. We will pick you up at the time agreed. We only call in 3 different situations, and they are: a)if we experience heavy traffic and need to delay the pick up b) in case of poor wind conditions c) in case you do not hire transportation and will get there by yourself. We will contact you at least 1 hours before you leave, after we check the wind report * You must check your e-mail box too, since mobile phones from other countries may not work properly in Rio.
Flights can last  from 7 to 20 minutes. It may be longer or shorter according to wind conditions  passenger's  weight . So yes, if your weight is between 100 lbs and 150 lbs, you will have more chances of getting a longer flight than a 200 lbs person.
Maybe. If your group is small (between 2 and 4 people) and if we are not very busy, you may all fly together, one after the other, in a row. In case we are busy or short on pilots for any reason, we will take turns. That means everybody goes up to the mountain together, and some will fly first, and then the second group will wait for the pilots to return and fly with them. This process takes around 40 minutes. According to group size, we may have to do up to 3 turns.
A Hang glider has a rigid frame maintaining the shape of the wing, with the pilot and passenger flying on a prone position. The Paraglider canopy shape is maintained only by air pressure as the pilot and the passenger in front are suspended in a sitting or supine position. The Hang-glider has a "cleaner" aerodynamic profile and generally is capable of flying at higher speeds than a Paraglider. There is no better or worse sport. So if you are looking for speed you go for hang gliding but remember that your flight time will also be shorter, comparing to paragliding, which will give you more of a contemplational flight.
No. A Paraglider is similar to a modern, steerable skydiving canopy, but different in several important ways. The Paraglider is a foot-launched device, so there is no "drouge" 'chute or "slider", and the construction is generally much lighter, as it doesn't have to withstand the sudden shock of opening at high velocities. The Paraglider usually has more cells and thinner risers than a parachute.