Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Hiking And Mountaineering

The difference is simple. Hiking is just a walk thru a trail in a natural environment. It can be in a flat trail or in a steep one, and it may lead to a summit of a mountain or not. Mountaineering is a hike that usually leads to a summit of a mountain, and requires some basic climbing techniques and of course, the use of climbing gear for safety purposes. Also, the trails in mountaineering are often more challenging than the ones done on a regular hike. We provide 2 of each at Rio Adventures. Hikes to Pedra Bonita and Pico da Tijuca (Tijuca Peak), and mountaineering to Sugarloaf ad Gavea.People with no climbing experience can participate in our mountaineering tours since the techniques used are very basic. What they must be is in good physical conditions since this type of activity is considerably harder than a normal hike.
Once you reach the summits of these mountains, you will contemplate the most beautiful views of the city. Also, along the trail, you may encounter wild animals like monkeys, tucans, sloaths , racoons and other wild animals, even snakes sometimes. Please follow the guides advises in terms of safety.