Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About The Tours

Sleep early the night before since most of our tours require some exercise . Have a good breakfast at least one hour before the tour, with fruits, juices, milk, cereal, and avoid heavy and greasy things. Avoid alcohol and any other narcotic substance.
  • Light clothes like a T-shirt and cargo shorts. In case of cloudy days it is a good idea to take a light rain coat. Cold days are rare but in case you catch one in Rio, wear a sweater. Avoid jeans pants.
  • A cap or a hat for sunny days.
  • Sneakers or comfortable walking shoes. Do not wear sandals or flip-flops.
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent
Do not wear expensive jewels or anything that can call attention. We never had any incident of robbery in our tours and activities in more than 10 years of services. Rio is much safer than people can imagine but just like any big city in the world, we must follow certain protocols in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.
  • Water – At least a 1.5 liter bottle per person for hikes and other more exhaustive activities
  • Snacks, sandwiches, fruits, cereal bars
  • Compact camera
  • Small backpack - to carry all these items and leave your hands free.
If you are doing white water rafting, scuba diving, bodyboarding, surfing or cascading, always take a towel and extra clothes to wear after the tour. Do not take expensive equipments along, like professional cameras or anything like that. It has nothing to do with safety but simply because the risks of dropping these items in trails or adventure tours are much greater than it would be on a flat and smooth sidewalk. Just carry enough cash to pay your balance with us, plus some extra cash for food and of course, take your credit card and passport or ID with you. Where can I cash money or exchange currency? Once you arrive, cash some money at the airport and if you also need to exchange some, you can do it there as well, right outside your flight gate, inside the money exchange stores. Once in town, never exchange money inside hotels, they always pay you less but if it is an emergency, try to exchange as little as possible. Go to a travel agency or to a money exchange store, there are plenty on the main avenues in Copacabana and Ipanema, like Nossa Senhora de Copacabana avenue and Visconde de Pirajá avenue. If you need an ATM, a tip is not to waist your time going to the wrong banks. Look for a Citybank, HSBC or Banco do Brasil. Usually these banks have an ATM in English, just for foreigners and accept most credit cards. Some bank addresses: Citybank:
Most tours will take place even under rain, especially if it is a hike in the Tijuca Rain Forest, where rain is common and expected. Customers can not cancel tours based on their on assumption that weather is bad. Only our guides can decide whether or not a tour should be canceled, based on their work experience. If customers insist on canceling a tour based on that, we will not refund any payment made previously as deposit and will consider that act a No-Show. If a sudden heavy rain compromises the security of the tour ,our guide will cancel it and give you the possibility to either change the date (according to availability) or to get a refund (according to the method of payment used). In case of a sudden weather change in the middle of the tour that may represent a risk to our customers, the guide will end the tour and return to the hotel. In this particular case, the tour can be reschedule but a fee of 20% the tour price may be charged to cover our minimum costs with transportation. Whatever has been paid in advance can be refunded minus a 20% fee. It is crucial that customers understand the reason of that charge since we cannot be held responsible for a sudden weather change.
It depends on the tour. In the description of each tour you can check its duration, difficulty level and other characteristics. You don’t need to be an athlete nor have previous experience in any of the activities we provide, but you must be physically fit and able to walk for at least half an hour on easy hiking trails, or be able to paddle in a SUP board, kayak or a raft for at least 20 minutes with short breaks, or even to hold on to steel cables on a Tree Canopy Course or a rope in a climbing lesson. Before doing any physical activity with us or even with other companies, it is necessary to have a full medical check up, so do it before your trip ro Rio. When booking any of our tours , participants certify that he or she is in good physical conditions to perform the chosen activity.
In some cases like sightseeing tours, children from 2 to 5 years of age may participate without any charges. For outdoor activities like easy hikes and tree canopy tour, minimum age required is 8 years of age. For mountaineering tours , children over 12 are welcome to join, if they are used to this type of activity. If not , minimum age in this case is 14 and in both cases, a presence of an adult is needed. Sedentary people or people with a history of heart and/or lung diseases should not participate in any of the outdoor activities and adventure sports. For hang gliding, paragliding and skydiving, the minimum age required is 18.For any other activity, please check with us about minimum ages required.
  • bilingual guide (English or spanish)
  • transfer *(round trip) in the South and Downtown areas
* Some tours will have the transfer as an optional service, like hang gliding for example.
Food, water/drinks , photos and videos . In some tours, transfers may be hired separately. The fee is R$ 30,00 per person. If you are staying outside the covered area, an extra R$ 10,00 fee will be applied. For helicopter tours, there is a fixed fee of R$ 150,00 per transfer, from 1 to 4 people. In parachuting, photos and videos are included in the price.
We go from regular 5 passengers cars to mini vans, vans and utility vehicles, depending of the group size and vehicles availability.
Most hotels and hostels are located in this area. If you're not staying within the covered area, you can choose (or we can suggest )a meeting point within the covered area that is conveniently closer to you.