Go Kart in Rio


R$ 180,00

Per Person

Minimum of 04 people

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Go-karts created for the general public have speed limits of no more than 25 miles per hour (40 km/h). They are made with sturdy chassis, completed with dedicated bodywork, providing the driver all the safety that he or she will need. The “Arrive and Drive” format, which provides our clients with all the safety gear (helmets, gloves and driver outfits) , enables everyone to just show up any time to, without the hassle of owning one’s own equipment and gear.

Go kart in Rio – Program

Go Kart in Rio, Rio de Janeiro kart tracks, brazil
Driver speeding up on the track .

Go kart in Rio is done in an indoor track, right within the south area, close to Copacabana and Ipanema. All passengers will go through some safety tips first, after wearing the safety equipment, which includes gloves and helmets. They will  learn all they need to know about the flags signals, in order to be able to ride the karts. It is important to know how to read the flags properly, during the race, so you know when to stop, or to slow down in case of any collision ahead. Kart races take 20 minutes, and each driver has 5 minutes to train before the it begins. After starting positions have been established, it is just pure fun. This tour is perfect for groups of friends and families. Maximum capacity of 20 drivers per race.


Around 4 hours round trip, with a 20 minutes ride


Pick up, drop off at hotel, kart race, complete equipment rentals (helmets, gloves, outfits)


From 04 to 20 people


Daily, under request. Pick ups from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm . Please choose a time and send us an email first, to check availability.


A  20 minutes ride can take forever once your are on track, so a little stretching before the ride is strongly recommended.

How to book:

Choose a day and time between  3:00 pm and 8:pm for pick up, then contact us via email or phone to check availability. Once it is ok to go, Just click on book now, fill out the booking form with your personal information, then pay the required deposit of R$ 60,00 per person. The reminder is paid in cash to the guide in charge, at the start of the tour. If the group requires a second 20 minutes race in the same tour, the extra charge will be only R$ 100,00 per person

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