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Paragliding in Rio is a recreational wind sport that is best described as a hybrid of hang gliding and parachuting. Aparaglider is free-flying, unlike  the  parachute  used in  parasailing, which is  generally a  passive  amusement  ride  rather  than an active  sport.  Paragliders are controlled by use of cords, which are held in the pilot’s hand as he or she sits in the harness. Usually, paragliders take off from the summit of hills.

paragliding in rio de janeiro, tandem flights in rio, brazil
paragliding in rio de janeiro, tandem flights in rio, brazil

Paragliding in Rio – Program

Paragliding in Rio  take places in Pedra Bonita,  a mountain located in São Conrado area, just 30 minutes from Copacabana. No previous experience is required for the tandem flight, since the instructor takes control of the whole flight while you`ll be experiencing one of the greatest adventures of your life. Flights can take anywhere from 7  to 20 minutes, depending on the wind condition and passenger`s weight. For your safety, we work with the best pilots, who have over 20 years of experience and are certified by the Brazilian Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. Flight route comprehends part of Tijuca Forest around Pedra Bonita, Pedra da Gávea, as well as São Conrado neighborhood and Pepino beach. Flights end on Pepino beach, on the sand or on the grass, by the Paragliding club. Transportation may be hired separately.


 Rio Adventures  work with a very professional team of pilots, with no record of accidents in more than 15 years of flights and the best reviews on Trip Advisor. Buying the cheapest flights online is not really the safest way to go. It  is your life you are putting at risk, when you base your search for extreme sports only on prices . Always suspect websites with poor content and poor english, as there are many fake companies online these days.  So please, even if you don`t hire our services, look for a true, reliable adventure tour operator in Rio. That is the best advise we can give to our potential customers.


Once travelers arrive on the beach, it can take from1 to 2 hours round trip, according to group size , pilots availability and how busy the ramp is. In summer and specially during carnival, the whole process can take up to 4 hours sometimes. Avoid booking flights during holidays.


Flight, insurance, pictures , video and equipment rentals.


Transfer from/to meeting point



Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes. No flip flop sandals nor jeans pants.

Passenger`s Weight Limit:

110 kilos (240 lbs). This limit may be lowered according to wind conditions.

Minimum Age Required:



We have schedules daily, under request at 9:30 am, 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Customers will have to meet us near the hang gliding and paragliding club. Address displayed on the ticket and also at the bottom of this page


Please contact the office before heading out to the meeting point, to check the wind condition. The cheapest and fastest way is via whatsapp.

For Paragliding in Rio, Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Do not wear sandals or flip flops. Avoid wearing glasses during the flight ( wind may blow it away). Take a valid ID when signing the terms and conditions at the hang gliding club (no copies will be accepted). Avoid taking big bags or backpacks as there is no lockers there to keep your belongings.

Low Season Price:

(from march 15th of 2019, to december 15th of 2019 , except the Winter Break 

R$ 499,00 per person

High Season Price:

(from december  16th of 2018, to march 14th of 2019, and from july 15th to july  31st of 2018, except Carnival season )

R$ 499,00 per person

Carnival  Season Price:

(During carnival season from March 1st to March 10th  of 2019

R$ 499,00 per person

Attention: Once the insurance is activated by the Paragliding club, the R$ 60,00 fee is automatically transferred to the insurance company, so in case the flight is cancelled due to sudden changes on weather conditions, the passenger is still insured for 6 months. The paragliding club does not refund that fee in case the flight does not happen. Rio Adventures claims no responsibility in regards to this fee.

Tips: Avoid booking flights during carnival season. The ramp over Pedra Bonita is the ONLY ramp available for tandem flights in Rio, and number of flights can triple during this time, which can make the waiting frustrating and exhausting for both customer and pilot. Yet, if you cannot avoid those periods , be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any extra time spent there, or any possible delays on your schedule.

How to Book:

Just click on check availability at the right top, and choose the date and time on the calendar. Fill out the form, then after you check out , pay the deposit on paypal (R$89,00 per person). Remainder is paid in cash to the pilot in charge. Prices can vary according to the season , so check your season price first, in order to know exactly how much  it will cost you.


Best way to get to meeting point is by taxi or uber. Do not go by bus. If you miss the correct bus stop, you will end up in another area of town, miles away.



Still not sure about booking this tour? Check our frequently asked questions page for more info

Meeting point for departures:

Once your payment is confirmed for this activity you should meet us in this address at the day and time specified:
Em frente ao clube de Paragliding, na praia do Pepino, Avenida Prefeito Mendes de Morais, s/n - São Conrado
(Outside the Paragliding Club on Pepino beach in São Conrado neighborhood. Prefeito Mendes de Morais Avenue. First house on the beach, right end.)

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Note: this is for reference only. This may be an approximated position for this address.

Note: this is for reference only. This may be an approximated position for this address.

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