Scuba Diving Tour in Rio


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Scuba diving became a sport in 1943, when Jacques Costeau and Emile Gagnan invented the aqualung. This portable tank (cilinder) which carries pressured oxigen inside, together with a device called scuba that allowed one to breath underwater, made possible what many people thought it couldn´t be. Nowadays the equipments are much more modern and even first timers can experience this awesome adventure. Be a fish for one day and go scuba diving!

Scuba Diving Tour in Rio

scuba diving tour in rio, brazil
A tourist and a turtle in one frame.

Our Scuba Diving Tour in Rio, takes you to the outskirt of Rio city, to a little fishing village called Arraial do Cabo. It is located about 180 km (112 miles) north of Rio. Although it preserves the look of a fishing village, tourism has been increasing lately, due to the excellent conditions for scuba diving. Beautiful rock formations, sunk ships, corals, reefs, turtles and even barracudas can be seen in its clear waters. And that`s what makes this little town one of the best in Brazil to dive at. First time divers are welcome.

Characteristics of Arraial do Cabo`s diving points:

Depth: It ranges from 06 to 35 meters (19 to 115 feet), depending on the diving area.

Visibility: Depending on the season, it can vary from 05 to 15 meters (16 to 49 feet).

Average Water Temperature: 20o C (68o F) in summer and 15o C (59o F) in winter

Marine Life: Groupers, Dolphins, turtles, moray eels, queen angelfish, sea horses and more

Marinescapes: Rock formations


Prices below include transfer Rio/Arraial/Rio from any hotel or airbnb apartment between the city center and Barra

R$ 599,00 per person  – Groups of 02 people.

R$ 549,00  Groups  from 03 to 05 people.

R$ 499,00 per person  . Groups  from 06 to 11 people.

R$ 449,00 per person  . Groups  from 12 to 24 people.


This activity takes a whole day (around 10 hours round trip) and includes: Hotel pick up and drop off in cars or vans (all air conditioned and comfortable), equipment rentals (fins, masks, tanks, wetsuits, regulators, BCDs) , snacks and beverages aboard the boat and bilingual instructors. First timers will have one assisted dive with a dive instructor while certified  divers will have 02 dives. Certified divers must carry take their licenses or show a digital image of it, otherwise they will have only one assisted dive as the first timers.


From 02 to 25 people , with transfer from/to Rio city


Wear sunblock , take a towel.


From tuesday to sunday, if we have groups formed and if transportation is hired. Hotel pick ups between 5:30 and 6:00 am, according to the location, year round, except during summer time ( 5:00 am)

How to Book:

Just click on check availability, pick a date on the calendar and fill out the booking form. Click on check out and pay the deposit of R$ 99,00. Remainder  must be paid in cash to the guide in charge at the start of the tour

We do not operate this tour during carnival season, sundays of holidays, december 25th, december 31st and january 1st 

Unlike other tour operators, Rio Adventures only charges a small percentage upfront, when customers book the tours on the website. But In case customers cancel the tour right before pick up, they must pay an extra fee of 30% of the tour tour price, to cover our minimum costs.

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