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The Serra dos Orgãos National Park , was created in 1939 and it has altitudes ranging from 1.100 meters (3.300 feet) to 2.263 meters (6.800 feet). The city of Teresópolis is where the park’s head quarters is located and it is also where our adventure starts.

The name Serra dos Orgãos (Organs Mountains) was attributed by the Portuguese colons, due to the its similarity to an european organ (musical instrument). The average annual temperatures are respectively: 25ºC (77ºF) in summer and 12ºC (54ºF) in winter but it can easily drop down to 0ºC (32ºF) on a winter night, or even under it. The typical mata atlântica (Atlantic Forest) which exists along the state costline, is very present there until about the 1.800 meters (5.400 feet). From this altitude up, we reach the campos de altitude vegetation, where one of the richest fauna and flora of the state can be seen.

Serra dos Orgaos Hiking Tour – Program

Serra dos Orgãos hiking tour, rio de janeiro, brazil
Sunset at the summit of Pedra do Sino


The Serra dos Orgaos Hiking Tour will take you for a full day hike to Pedra do Sino (Bell Stone). With its 2.263 meters (6.800 feet) of altitude, is the highest point within the Serra do Mar area and comprehends the cities of Teresópolis and Petrópolis. The trail is 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) long and can be done in 5 hours one way. We leave Rio at  6:00 am and reach the park around 7:30 am. After reaching the summit around 12:30 noon, the guide will take the group for a walk around the summit  to explore the views, plants and animals. This hike is recommended to people in good physical conditions and outgoing spirit.


From 02 to 14 people


R$ 399,00 per person – groups of 02 people
R$ 349,00 per person – groups from 03 to 05 people
R$ 299,00 per person – groups from 06 to 14 people


Around 14 hours round trip


Transportation, guiding services and hike to the summit of Pedra do Sino.


moderate, with a 5 hours hike to the summit


Take a good pair of hiking shoes,, 1 light rain coat, sunblock, mosquito repellent, gloves, flashlight and a camera. Take a backpack with plenty of water and food ( sandwiches, fruits, snacks)


Daily under request.  Early pick ups at 6:00 am,. Best season between april and october.


* Admittance tickets to the national park are not included ( R$ 53.00 per person)

 * We do not operate this tour during summer, due to thunder storms and floods.



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