Hiking in Rio

Corcovado Hiking Tour

The Corcovado Hiking Tour in Rio de Janeiro gives you a great view from the top is absolutely astonishing. The trail is a bit steep at some points, which is perfect for regular hikers or the more adventurous ones.

6 Hours BRL 199

Pedra do Telegrafo Hiking Tour

The Pedra do Telégrafo (Telegraph Stone), stands at 1161 feet (354 meters) and is located in Guaratiba, on the west coast of the city. The hike to its summit is one of the most popular ones in Rio at the moment.

6 Hours BRL 199

Pedra da Gavea Hiking Tour

Our Pedra da Gavea Hiking Tour  in Rio de Janeiro involves a 2.5 hours hike, with a short rock climbing part

7 Hours BRL 199

Pico da Tijuca Hiking Tour

Do not miss the chance to visit the highest mountain inside Tijuca Forest national park. Come bring your families and friends to enjoy this great trip.

5 Hours BRL 199

Dois Irmãos Hiking Tour

Our Dois Irmãos Hiking Tour in Rio de Janeirowill take you to the top of one of the most famous mountains in Rio, the Dois Irmãos Hill

4 Hours BRL 169

Ilha Grande Hiking Tour

Experience the Ilha Grande Hiking Tour, a full day tour in the most beautiful islands of Rio.Rio Adventures offers discounts for groups. Learn more now!

12 Hours BRL 299

Pedra Bonita Hiking Tour

The Pedra Bonita Hiking Tour in Rio de Janeiro is ideal for friends and families, since it is a quite easy trail with breathtaking views of Gavea mountain, pepino beach, tijuca forest and barra.

4 Hours BRL 169

Rafting and Hiking Expedition in Rio

Our Rafting and Hiking Adventure in Rio happens near the disctric of Sana, in Casimiro de Abreu city, around 02 hours from Rio city.

2 Days BRL 799